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Born and raised in the Bronx, Myra’s parents took her to the Bronx Botanical Gardens, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Manhattan’s Town Hall, where she saw some of the greatest pieces of musical theater beginning from a young age.  Lena Lobel, Myra’s mother, was passionate about music, art and education; she shared her love of knowledge and beauty with her daughter.  Her father, Paul Lobel, was a dedicated painter of portraits and landscapes.  Myra inherited his passion for art and painting.

Myra studies the process by which the great artists of the past centuries, including the rebel impressionists, learned to draw and paint. Her oil portraits and still lifes are a product of that process. Ironically, they have allowed her the freedom to abandon the exacting process in favor of a looser, freer style, or to work to bring them together in a beautiful way.

She honors the tradition that made it possible for her to reach this stage of her artistic development.  Her teacher, Andy Reiss, is one of an unbroken line of master artists that have taught other artists since the days of the Beaux Arts Academy in France, founded in 1795, and even before (he can trace this lineage back to that time, person by person.)

Myra lives in Greenwich Village, NYC.  Although she loves living in New York City, she also craves time in the country; She keeps a mountain retreat in Catskill, New York. Myra has painted all over the United States and also France, Italy, Mexico, and the British Isles.

Myra in her Greenwich Village Studio, NYC

Photo by Pura Fernández

A young Myra with her father, Paul Lobel

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